Winter Walk

Jan 26, 2018

Here’s a thing that I do: I watch the news, I get all bummed out feeling so small and helpless, and then either (a) eat ice cream (usually Cherry Garcia) or (b) stop whining and try to do something I actually CAN influence. Our great friend and Battles album producer, Sam Kassirer, is a champion…


Dec 16, 2017

Sometimes, at night, when the band is in Boston and I’m in DC, I have a drink or three and record Tom Waits songs. They are bleak and spooky and perfect for our times. Here’s one of my favorites, “Green Grass.” Come get bleak with me.  

A Question

Dec 01, 2017

I have a question. Many of our songs touch on income inequality and its effects. The fundamental problem I’ve been pretty obsessed with — and that seems to be getting worse — is this: people try their hardest and are still held back. I am genuinely concerned and curious about the tax reform bill that’s…

Half Off!

Nov 29, 2017

Okay I’ve posted this picture before, but I have good reason now: this vinyl is only $12.50 in our online store. We’re trying to be able to afford studiotime for our next album, so we’re scoffing at common business practices and marking everything half-off in our online store through the holidays. Shirts, hats, vinyl, etc….

Where is my mind

Sep 20, 2017

There’s a face under there, swear. Here’s a late-at-night-be-quiet acoustic version of the Pixies’ classic ‘where is my mind,’ because I often ask this question late at night. Subscribe to if you’re into this kind of stuff. #StayAtHomeSong


Aug 31, 2017

Except for a weekly day job thing and while the band records remotely, I’m staying at home to take care of the kid for a while. I’ll get restless and the neighbors need to be disturbed, so I’ll be throwing up some random songs on our YouTube channel from time to time. I’m staying home,…

Story of an album

Jun 29, 2017

A disclaimer: last month, I let you know that my wife and I welcomed a baby girl into the world. That means I’ve done a lot of sitting around in the middle of the night. And thinking. Which is bad news for you, because late night thinking = long newsletters.  Basically, before we play some…

A New Baby and Song

May 24, 2017

My wife and I recently welcomed a baby girl into the world. In a sleep deprived haze, I thought it appropriate to give her some tips on what she’s in for in this day and age. Click here for the song from our living room. -n

Protest Music

Apr 05, 2017

So, does music matter anymore? Does it have any sway on how we think about the world? And, if all the energy for political observation in music is in hip hop and rap right now, do guitars have nothing else to say? I remember asking these questions after watching the Super Bowl halftime show a…

Music City Roots

Mar 31, 2017

In the hustle and bustle, you can lose yourself in the business. You can get bogged down in ticket sales and likes and retweets and all of that. And you can get jaded pretty quick. Once in a while, a show comes along that slaps you in the face and and reminds you why you…

New Video

Feb 16, 2017

NEW VIDEO! Relix Magazine is premiering the video for our song ‘Try’. Here’s the special thing about this one: we’re not the stars. Yes, there’s an assassin chasing Naseem, but the stars of this video are the amazing murals scattered throughout Washington, DC. They’re everywhere, telling stories of the city that otherwise wouldn’t be told. Check them…


Jan 23, 2017

So, some of you have asked why CNN heard about us in the first place. I blame my wife. Sarada just finished up as one of the President’s speechwriters. CNN followed her and her team around, heard and liked our stuff, and that’s why we’re in the movie. Sarada is very much a behind-the-scenes person…

Cavalry Video

Jan 19, 2017

Okay, the montage in the CNN documentary last night was pretty cool. And hey look at that, we have a NEW LYRIC VIDEO for the song that played. Proud of this one. Many thanks to Ben Powell for directing on short notice, and bonus points to whoever can guess where it was shot. (Thanks for…


Jan 18, 2017

Our song is on CNN tonight! A live version of ‘cavalry’ is played in a montage in the CNN documentary “The End: Inside the Last Days of the Obama White House.” (Yes, we said montage, Team America style). I got to see it last night at the premiere (CNN celebrities below) and it’s a really…


Dec 14, 2016

Sending out more Pledge exclusives. This is getting a little ridiculous.


Dec 02, 2016

So there was this wolf hanging out behind us recently at The Sinclair… (photo by Alicia O’Connell)


Nov 29, 2016

And sometimes we let the drummer sing… Our DC show a little while ago was such a freakin blast. Chunky Glasses was there to document it with some fantastic photos and a show review, using words like “absolutely snarling.” If you were there or if you weren’t, this is fun.

The Post

Nov 18, 2016

Woah, the Washington Post! A great big feature ahead of Saturday’s show at Rock And Roll Hotel. And that’s after tonight’s celebration at The Sinclair in Cambridge. Good lord we are ready to party this weekend.


Nov 13, 2016

Many of the songs we write could be accused of being ‘political.’ Some folks don’t like that, saying we should ‘stick to the music.’ Naseem sat down with Chunky Glasses right before the election for a perfect-for-your-next-long-drive podcast about the intersection of music and politics, and why we’ll never just stick to the music. Sorry.


Nov 03, 2016

We’ll pile on to the non-election-and-actually-good-news day: so psyched that the Boston Herald reviewed Another Other and said the album is “so good you’ll forget for a moment that Kingsley Flood made its name conquering club stages.” A really thoughtful review by Jed Gottlieb. “Every turn comes with something special: a ’70s punk crescendo, a…

The Circus Life

Oct 25, 2016

Acoustic tunes for your Tuesday! Was psyched yesterday to ditch the band, play acoustic versions of two songs off the new album, and talk about…toilet installation, on The Circus Life Podcast. Click here for the conversation. Or if you don’t like toilets, you can download “Good Old Wind” and “Not Like This” separately.

Another Other

Oct 14, 2016

Finally. After all this time, we’re very proud to release Another Other, our third full-length album. These thirteen songs represent a whole lot of evolution for us – as musicians, as songwriters, and as people – and we hope you like it. iTunes (digital) Kingsley Flood store (CDs)

A Ways Away

Oct 11, 2016

New week, new album, NEW SONG. Click here for ‘A Ways Away,’ a piano-driven drunken mess of a song. Impose describes it painting a picture “of a world that might be screwed—but still far from being totally devoid of hope & happiness.” We’ll see.

Myspace? Myspace!

Oct 05, 2016

NEW SONG. Time for something new. That’s why we’re sending you to Myspace. Yes people, it’s now actually a great music blog, and it’s premiering our title track, “Another Other.” They’re saying “it’s much more than just a boisterous barroom rocker.” In other words, there’s a story behind this one too and a very cool revelation…

New Video

Sep 28, 2016

IT’S HERE. Very excited that Glide Magazine is premiering “to the wolves,” the first video off our new album, in which we get kidnapped while just minding our own business and playing a tune (seriously, wtf). Check out the link for the story behind the song, and to watch the video of course. AND if…

A New Song

Sep 09, 2016

Very pleased to share ‘Try,’ off our new album. We’re proud of this one. Head over to The Bluegrass Situation to check it out, and happy friday. #AnotherOther

Another Teaser

Aug 30, 2016

Just a new snippet of a new song off a new album…

Pre-Sale = New Tracks!

Aug 26, 2016

Pre-sale now available for the new album! That’s a fancy way of saying, you get to call dibs on Another Other from now, in digital, CD or vinyl form. But more importantly, when you pre-order, you get two tracks immediately.  One was released on an EP last year, and the other – ‘Tricks’ – is…

The New Album Cover

Aug 24, 2016

Very proud to show off the cover to our new album, and to tell its story. It’s the first time we use a photograph for an album cover. This one had been kicking around my family’s basement for years. I hadn’t thought much of it – I thought it was some stock photo from a…

Sinclair Show On Sale Now

Aug 16, 2016

This pic is from the last time we played The Sinclair in Boston (or, Cambridge). We’re headed back, this time with a new album in hand (or at the merch table). We’re so damn excited to celebrate the release of Another Other (or, the new album). Tickets here: