For some strange reason, we haven’t played a show since 2019. Naseem did a livestream thing from his basement, but because he was not able to awkwardly and madly hop around on a stage, it hardly counts. As we wipe the dust off our instruments and blankly stare at them like cave-dwellers examining fire, we’re not 100% confident we remember how to play them (“that’s an L chord, right?”).
And what we lack in memory we definitely have in pent-up energy. We’re thrilled to be playing again, at our favorite venue in DC, no less. Sept. 24 at Pearl Street Warehouse. Even if we can’t remember how to play, we’ll bring the energy. And worst case, we’ll have fun watching you all remember how to order drinks (“three shots of milk, please”) and interact with other humans again.
Pearl Street Warehouse Flier