State Senate

I love when people say “stop singing about politics, stick to the music!” Our songs have always been political; I don’t really know how to write otherwise. So it’s only fitting that we embrace this dynamic and put our money where our mic is.

On Sept. 7, we are supporting a candidate for Massachusetts State Senate by playing a fundraiser for her. Dr. Katie McBrine is a pediatrician; it’s legit when she says she’ll prioritize making healthcare affordable for all. She is a progressive Democrat from Hingham running to unseat an incumbent Republican, which is a thing that matters, especially this year. Also, she’s a woman, and we need more of those in elected office.

So we want to support her and urge you to consider it too. We’ll play a full set along with our pals Eddie Japan at The River Club in Scituate on Friday, Sept. 7. Stop being angry at the TV and get involved. We’ll see you there.

Get your tickets here, and learn more about Dr. McBrine here.
Fundraiser for Katie McBrine, MD