New Video

Sep 28, 2016

IT’S HERE. Very excited that Glide Magazine is premiering “to the wolves,” the first video off our new album, in which we get kidnapped while just minding our own business and playing a tune (seriously, wtf). Check out the link for the story behind the song, and to watch the video of course. AND if…

A New Song

Sep 09, 2016

Very pleased to share ‘Try,’ off our new album. We’re proud of this one. Head over to The Bluegrass Situation to check it out, and happy friday. #AnotherOther

Another Teaser

Aug 30, 2016

Just a new snippet of a new song off a new album…

Pre-Sale = New Tracks!

Aug 26, 2016

Pre-sale now available for the new album! That’s a fancy way of saying, you get to call dibs on Another Other from now, in digital, CD or vinyl form. But more importantly, when you pre-order, you get two tracks immediately. ¬†One was released on an EP last year, and the other – ‘Tricks’ – is…

The New Album Cover

Aug 24, 2016

Very proud to show off the cover to our new album, and to tell its story. It’s the first time we use a photograph for an album cover. This one had been kicking around my family’s basement for years. I hadn’t thought much of it – I thought it was some stock photo from a…