New Video

Feb 16, 2017

NEW VIDEO!┬áRelix Magazine┬áis premiering the video for our song ‘Try’. Here’s the special thing about this one: we’re not the stars. Yes, there’s an assassin chasing Naseem, but the stars of this video are the amazing murals scattered throughout Washington, DC. They’re everywhere, telling stories of the city that otherwise wouldn’t be told. Check them…


Jan 23, 2017

So, some of you have asked why CNN heard about us in the first place. I blame my wife. Sarada just finished up as one of the President’s speechwriters. CNN followed her and her team around, heard and liked our stuff, and that’s why we’re in the movie. Sarada is very much a behind-the-scenes person…

Cavalry Video

Jan 19, 2017

Okay, the montage in the CNN documentary last night was pretty cool. And hey look at that, we have a NEW LYRIC VIDEO for the song that played. Proud of this one. Many thanks to Ben Powell for directing on short notice, and bonus points to whoever can guess where it was shot. (Thanks for…


Jan 18, 2017

Our song is on CNN tonight! A live version of ‘cavalry’ is played in a montage in the CNN documentary “The End: Inside the Last Days of the Obama White House.” (Yes, we said montage, Team America style). I got to see it last night at the premiere (CNN celebrities below) and it’s a really…


Dec 14, 2016

Sending out more Pledge exclusives. This is getting a little ridiculous.