Jun 22, 2018

Shirt? Check. Hat from 1989? Check. Bobblehead from 1986, complete with cracked, superglued head? Check. Sh$&-eating grin in anticipation of playing at Fenway park on Sunday before the Red Sox play the Mariners? Check. Only a few tix left. Get em here.


Jun 14, 2018

This is big: WE’RE PLAYING FENWAY. On June 24, we’re playing on a beautiful rooftop at Fenway Park before the Sox slay the Mariners. Your ticket gets you into our show and the game, and allows you to pretty much have the best day ever (according to us). There are limited tix for this so get them now! Can…


Jun 14, 2018

Each time we play DC we take this photo. Each time is better than the last. Thank you Pearl Street Warehouse – and of course the amazing, rowdy people of DC – for the grand time.

Release Day

Jun 06, 2018

Our fourth full-length, Neighbors and Strangers, is out today. Here it is on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify.It’s funny, when you create something and put it out into the world, there’s this tension. On one hand, you could care less if anyone listens to it because you’re proud of this thing that you have created from scratch, that now exists in the…


May 22, 2018

New show! North Shore! Cool venue! Great bands! Okay enough exclamation points. This will be a great, early summer show at a cool venue in Salem, along with Jenee Halstead and The Rationales. We are really excited to be playing songs off our new album, and the live show really feels like it’s working. Come…