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Nov 24, 2014

The shenanigans of backstage. Or, we’re excited to introduce a few new exclusives to our ongoing Pledge campaign. For one of them, we’ll (wake up, and) do a song for you backstage at one of our EP release shows this January.

More details, and caffeine, here.

Nick, Travis, Sleep

New Video

Nov 18, 2014

New update video is coming out later this week for pledgers. Or, how we learned to stop worrying and kill our bassist.



Nov 14, 2014
We had a big announcement last month (Jenée leaving the band to have her baby).  We had a big announcement the month before that (our year-long Pledge Campaign).  And because everything significant happens in threes (for example), we have a big announcement this month.

We are thrilled to welcome Eva Walsh to the band.

Eva posing

Eva is originally from Minnesota (which means she is nice, obviously), where she started playing violin at age 5.  She began corrupting her classical training in college in Nashville, and since then has been pummeling her violin in Boston’s underground folk-punk scene. She’s a total pro, an amazing player and a really good person who totally fits into our strange little world. We’re so thrilled to have her.

Next week’s Pledge update video will be dedicated to this transition, and we’ll rope Eva into introducing herself. Also next week we’ll be introducing some new exclusives – including the chance to have some backstage shenanigans at our release shows – in time for the holidays.  Pledge here!


Nov 10, 2014

Folks, just hearing the final versions of these new tunes, and can’t tell you how excited we are to share them with you. That’s all. Happy Monday.

(And just for kicks, here’s a shot from the studio).

Trav and Nick in studio

Day of the Dead

Nov 3, 2014

One of these things is not like the other.

Day of the Dead

Fall Pledge Campaign

Oct 22, 2014

With multiple down-to-the-wire pledges last night, you met the goal for the Fall Pledge Drive. THANK YOU. We can now pay our producer and stop bugging you for a while. Now we know how public radio feels…

We’ll stay quiet about the Pledge Campaign for a few weeks, and quietly keep working on AccessPass videos and InnerCirclePass videos before we introduce some new exclusives next month.

For now, again, THANK YOU. We are a very happy and grateful band. To celebrate, here’s the best muppet.


Last Day

Oct 21, 2014

It’s the last day in our Fall Pledge Drive, which means we get to stop annoying you with these posts, but it also means temporary exclusives – a mug, a chance to play video games with us, etc. – go away after today. We’re almost at our goal, just need one more push!

And if you get an InnerCirclePass, you can see exclusive, unreleased songs recorded in random places like very yellowy warehouses (below).

InnerCirclePass Screenshot

Jenée’s Goodbye

Oct 17, 2014

As we’ve been saying, our our violinist/saxophonist/vocalist/badassist extraordinaire Jenée Morgan Force is leaving the band to have a baby.  Below, she says goodbye, in her own words.  To watch Naseem’s last conversation with her, just support the PledgeMusic campaign here.

Jenée at Newport Folk

My Dear Friends and Music Lovers,

As some of you may know, I am having a baby very, very soon. In fact, by the time you read this I may have already become a mother. It is a very exciting time for my husband and myself, although a little nerve wracking at times. We are overly joyful to be starting a family and are so thrilled to be welcoming a little bundle of boy.

While this is a most wonderful time for me, it has also meant making very difficult and life changing decisions. After many, many emotional nights and heartfelt conversations, I have decided to step down from my position as the “badass chick” in Kingsley Flood. Let me tell you, as can the band, my husband, extended family and friends, it was not an easy decision for me and took many months to come to. This coming January would have been my 5-year anniversary joining the band, which is no small feat; especially if you have smelled the KF guys?

The reality is that as much as I would love to continue rocking, I will soon have the most important responsibility in the world: taking care of a helpless human being that will rely on me for almost everything (I know what you are thinking, I was already doing that but with five grown men J). The conclusion I have come to is that it would not be fair for any parties involved if I continued to be a member of Kingsley Flood. My baby needs a full-time mommy, my husband needs a full-time partner, and the band needs a full-time member.  What do I need? I need to have peace of mind and most likely won’t be able to have that if I am out on the road all the time crying in the back of the van.

I would like to take this opportunity to reminisce about some of the most memorable moments I’ve had while in the band, non-musically speaking. Let’s see, the time that Travis hit Naseem in one shot with a BB to the butt in the dead of night was nothing less than priceless. There was the time that a weirdo drunk guy in Pittsburgh couldn’t get enough of me or my fiddle and I was forced to hide in the van. I believe the quote from the gentleman was, “I never thought I’d like the fiddle, but that bitch can sign my face” (the gentleman had been trying to get me to autograph his face with permanent marker all night long). Oh, and hanging out at Josh Hartnett’s mansion in Minneapolis until 5 am was pretty cool too.

Musically speaking, opening up for Styx in Washington D.C. was quite the experience, especially since we had our first (and last?) heckler who wanted us and everyone else off the stage so Styx could start playing; they were scheduled to start in 3 hours. Playing Vincent’s in Worcester with a 6-person band crammed into a space of maybe 16-square feet made you really appreciate your band mates’ ability to maneuver, go with the punches, and use of deodorant (the place is also filled with taxidermied animals, including cats, and seriously makes the Rhumbline in Gloucester look like a cathedral). For me though, opening the Newport Folk Festival on the main stage takes the cake. Having read about, studied in college and graduate school, and attended the festival, it couldn’t get any more real and humbling for me.

I will miss meeting new people (fans, stage crew, journalists, other musicians, producers) and making new friends. I will miss traveling to places I probably would never end up at on my own, e.g. Toledo, Ohio and Texas. I will miss playing, arranging, composing, and creating music with five amazing musicians. I will miss hanging out (a lot) with five guys that looked out for me and had my back always, who I would call my brothers. I will miss everything that comes with being in this band. I will miss striving towards and becoming a better musician, which includes working on fine-tuning my ear, finding my own sound(s), harmonizing with one to three other voices, and of course perfecting Jenethel (that’s my Ethel Merman impression for those of you unfortunate enough to have never heard it).

At this point, I know that you are all teary eyed and aren’t quite sure how you can continue on.  Don’t despair, Naseem looks really good in cowgirl boots and a little dress. J Seriously though, this isn’t the end of the band, nor is it the end of my time playing with them. I am sure that in the future I will be on stage again as a special guest doing what I do best: jumping around, making angry faces, laughing at something funny that has just happened and singing a pretty duet or two.

It’s been an amazing journey to say the least and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. I wish you all well and hope to see you all again at some point in the future!

Until we meet again,
Jenée Morgan Force



Oct 15, 2014
This one is really bittersweet. After five years with us, our violinist/saxophonist/vocalist/badassist extraordinaire Jenée Morgan Force is leaving the band.

Those of you who have seen us in the past few months may have suspected that Jenée had just upped her beer consumption. In reality, she’s pregnant, and after realizing that having a baby boy and having a band would be really hard to do, she wisely declared, “there are only so many smelly boys one can handle in one’s life.”

Later this week, we’ll send out our next video update to supporters of the PledgeMusic campaign featuring an interview with Jenée, and she’ll write you all a message. Needless to say, we’re devastated, thrilled and grateful, and wishing Jenée and her future musician baby all the very best.


Fall Pledge Drive

Oct 14, 2014
In addition to big announcements coming later this week, here’s the big one today: this week – from today until next Tuesday – we are hoping to raise $2,000 (!) in our Fall Pledge Drive.  This support will directly pay for our producer, who just helped us make music we’re so proud of (and you’ll hear soon).  We’re offering four exclusives – from a mug to a video game session – only for this week, and we’re asking you directly for your support: in the campaign itself, in telling your friends, etc.

Click here to pledge

The sooner we reach our goal, the less annoying we’ll be.  We’d love your help to continue making music, or at least to prevent the producer’s hired goons from coming after us.

Play Video Games with KF

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