Oct 05, 2015

An interview, in which Naseem discusses what ‘Americana’ music even means, the power of Steve Earle, and cupcakes.

One Week

Sep 23, 2015

Only one more week of our year-long crowdsourcing campaign to get our music out into the world. Or, another excuse to post this picture of Travis about to slap Naseem. Head to our PledgeMusic​ page here to see how you can be a fancypants Executive Producer, and, maybe, also slap Naseem.  

A Recap

Sep 22, 2015

Our own Chris created a checklist style recap of our tour down south. This is adapted from that. AC in van dying on beginning of the trip, despite having had the AC repaired just a few weeks before. √ Van alternator failing in Baltimore but somehow making it to the club in Richmond before the…

One Last Push

Sep 15, 2015

Vinyl! Our final push for our year-long PledgeMusic campaign is now through Sept. 30, and then it’s all over. We just added all new exclusives (vinyl!) including backstage songs, new live videos and did we mention vinyl? We love vinyl. We’re thrilled with how this new album is sounding. We’d love your help in getting it…

South Again

Sep 14, 2015

Before our final pledge drive later this week, before we head down south on Wednesday, MORE SHOWS to announce. Heading to Atlanta, Charlotte and Carrboro, NC in December to support Bombadil. So many shows…so excited. (photo by Vicki Leggett) THU, DEC 17 at The EARL in Atlanta, GA On sale 9/16 at 10am here FRI…