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New Song

Dec 19, 2014

NEW SONG ALERT. We’re thrilled to end this week with another song off To The Fire. It’s called Thick of It,” and Glide Magazine is premiering it. We’re particularly proud of the arrangement of this one, and hope you like it. Happy Friday.

thick of it

Dec 19, 2014

The new EP ‘To the Fire‘ comes out next month, but let’s look back at 2014 for a second. We’re so thrilled that The Boston Globe put our live album, “Live at the Armory” on it’s “Best of Boston Music 2014” list. As they say, “For years, fans of Kingsley Flood have sworn by the same thing: You gotta see these guys live.” And we want to see all of you at The Sinclair on Jan. 30. Tickets are here.

Killing Nick

Dec 16, 2014

Before more new music comes, and before another Pledge update later this week, we wanted everyone to be able to watch what pledgers watched last month: an update video where we share Jenée’s news, officially welcome Eva to the band, and kill Nick.  We felt it important that everyone be able to see this, not just pledgers.  Bassists are overrated anyway.  Enjoy.  



Dec 12, 2014

We lied! New music not coming next week, rather today. We’re so thrilled to share with you the song “All in All” off our upcoming EP To The Fire. is premiering it. We’d love for you to take four minutes out of your busy lives to listen. Click here to do that, and to learn the story that inspired it. We’re damn proud of this one. Happy Friday.

PS. New band pic too!

Kingsley Flood, by Terry Moffatt


Dec 10, 2014

The day has come…to announce a day that will come. We are so thrilled that our new EP, which is called To The Fire, will come out on January 13.  We’re itching to share music with you soon. For now, please soak in this amazing cover art by Andy Fish, who also painted the cover of Battles.

To The Fire cover art by Andy Fish


Nov 24, 2014

The shenanigans of backstage. Or, we’re excited to introduce a few new exclusives to our ongoing Pledge campaign. For one of them, we’ll (wake up, and) do a song for you backstage at one of our EP release shows this January.

More details, and caffeine, here.

Nick, Travis, Sleep

New Video

Nov 18, 2014

New update video is coming out later this week for pledgers. Or, how we learned to stop worrying and kill our bassist.



Nov 14, 2014
We had a big announcement last month (Jenée leaving the band to have her baby).  We had a big announcement the month before that (our year-long Pledge Campaign).  And because everything significant happens in threes (for example), we have a big announcement this month.

We are thrilled to welcome Eva Walsh to the band.

Eva posing

Eva is originally from Minnesota (which means she is nice, obviously), where she started playing violin at age 5.  She began corrupting her classical training in college in Nashville, and since then has been pummeling her violin in Boston’s underground folk-punk scene. She’s a total pro, an amazing player and a really good person who totally fits into our strange little world. We’re so thrilled to have her.

Next week’s Pledge update video will be dedicated to this transition, and we’ll rope Eva into introducing herself. Also next week we’ll be introducing some new exclusives – including the chance to have some backstage shenanigans at our release shows – in time for the holidays.  Pledge here!


Nov 10, 2014

Folks, just hearing the final versions of these new tunes, and can’t tell you how excited we are to share them with you. That’s all. Happy Monday.

(And just for kicks, here’s a shot from the studio).

Trav and Nick in studio

Day of the Dead

Nov 3, 2014

One of these things is not like the other.

Day of the Dead

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