Dec 02, 2016

So there was this wolf hanging out behind us recently at The Sinclair… (photo by Alicia O’Connell)


Nov 29, 2016

And sometimes we let the drummer sing… Our DC show a little while ago was such a freakin blast. Chunky Glasses was there to document it with some fantastic photos and a show review, using words like “absolutely snarling.” If you were there or if you weren’t, this is fun.

The Post

Nov 18, 2016

Woah, the Washington Post! A great big feature ahead of Saturday’s show at Rock And Roll Hotel. And that’s after tonight’s celebration at The Sinclair in Cambridge. Good lord we are ready to party this weekend.


Nov 13, 2016

Many of the songs we write could be accused of being ‘political.’ Some folks don’t like that, saying we should ‘stick to the music.’ Naseem sat down with Chunky Glasses right before the election for a perfect-for-your-next-long-drive podcast about the intersection of music and politics, and why we’ll never just stick to the music. Sorry.


Nov 03, 2016

We’ll pile on to the non-election-and-actually-good-news day: so psyched that the Boston Herald reviewed Another Other and said the album is “so good you’ll forget for a moment that Kingsley Flood made its name conquering club stages.” A really thoughtful review by Jed Gottlieb. “Every turn comes with something special: a ’70s punk crescendo, a…