5th of July

Jul 05, 2020

It’s the 5th of July and, hey, we’ve got a song about that. Very much inspired by my own family, my wife’s family, and a naturalization ceremony I went to a few years back, where people who had worked their butts off for years to become US citizens finally accomplished their goal. I remember being…


Jun 11, 2020

It’s stressful and tiring out there, and maybe you need (just a little) break. Our former drummer and beloved friend Travis – you may remember him as  “guy who tried to obliterate drums” every show we played  – actually did something productive during his stay-at-home orders, and recorded a song. So happy that he was…

Basement Tapes

Apr 27, 2020

Friends, Naseem here. Don’t worry, this won’t be another one of those messages that starts with “these are challenging times…” * I’ve been off social media for a while — collecting my thoughts, changing diapers, etc. While I’ve been writing new songs and we as a band have been messing around with them, it has taken a…

Social Change

Jun 11, 2019

Last week, I sent you all an email indicating that there’d be two changes going forward. The first is that Travis is taking a break, and Benny is resuming duties hitting things really hard.* Here’s the second: (But wait, two shows are on the books in the next few weeks, one in Somerville, MA and…


Jun 05, 2019

Last week we announced Trav taking a break and Benny playing with us instead. Just thought we’d share one of Travis’s most Travis performances ever. He’s a beast back there.