Sep 02, 2015

Aw man! The great venue Redstar Union had a fire this past weekend and is now closed until further notice. We had a blast playing there a few years back, and you can still see lots of videos from that show here.  And here we are on the promo video. Stupid fire.  

More Shows

Aug 24, 2015

The fall calendar continues to fill. So excited to go back to Washington, Philly and New Haven this fall. Good lord these shows will be awesome. This pic (by Matt Condon) is from the last sold out DC show. Let’s do that again. Thu, Dec. 3: New Haven: cafe nine: ticket here Fri, Dec. 4: Washington:…

Now on Sale

Aug 21, 2015

Tickets JUST went on sale for our big shows at The Sinclair in Cambridge (Nov. 20) and Rough Trade NYC in Brooklyn (Nov. 21). Here’s a photo-series from last time we played the Sinclair, showing events backstage that led to Travis doing the Cosby dance, back when it was cool to do the Cosby dance….


Aug 18, 2015

NEWS! We are thrilled that we’ll be releasing our full-length album at two very big shows this Fall: back at The Sinclair in Cambridge, MA and at Rough Trade NYC in Brooklyn, NY. Tickets go on sale Friday at noon. Save the dates. Get excited. New album, new tunes, new haircuts. All true except the haircuts….


Jul 20, 2015

Our latest EP, To The Wolves, came out last week. And while it’s a continuation of our earlier EP, To The Fire, and a pre-cursor to our full length later, it very much has its own life and identity.  Here Naseem explains the backstory behind the EP.  (Note that this was shared with our PledgeMusic…