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Jul 9, 2014

In his review of Live at the Armory, Pete Chianca says George’s guitar work “provides more of a backbone here than on Kingsley Flood’s stellar studio albums,” Jenée’s harmonies and counterpoints are “beautiful,” and Naseem’s “compelling, wild-eyed rasp is impassioned, pointed and best of all, unique; there’s just no one else out there who sounds like this guy.”

Check out the full review here.

Release Day

Jul 1, 2014

It’s a good day. We officially get to share with you our full-length Live at the Armory, we finally put on record two live show staples that we’ve never released, the live version of “I don’t wanna go home” seems perfect for the US World Cup game today, and the Boston Herald calls us “Boston’s best live band.”

You can buy Live at the Armory digitally on Bandcamp, iTunes and CDBaby.  And we hope you do.

Live at the Armory cover

Live Album

Jun 24, 2014

And just like that, a live album.  Without warning or hype, we’re very happy to announce the release of our first live album, Live at the Armory. After so many shows and songs, it didn’t feel right to keep playing without putting them down on record, so we took over the Armory in Somerville, MA over two nights in April, and this is what we got.

We’re releasing this thing in two ways:

  • There is a six song sampler available for free on Noisetrade right here.
  • A full-length – featuring two unreleased songs – will be available for digital download July 1 on this website, iTunes, Amazon, etc.

We’re very excited for you to hear. Happy Tuesday.

Live at the Armory cover

The Results

May 15, 2014

Awesome response to the photo-comparison game yesterday.  Congrats to Nancy for taking the crown. We’re on the road right now – getting ready for Cafe Nine in New Haven tonight – otherwise we’d give you a fancy photoshopped image showing the changes.  So, here’s some good old fashioned text! More games to come…thanks folks…

  1. Chris’s hands have disappeared.
  2. Chris’s undershirt is now red.
  3. Chris is missing some hair on the right side of his head.
  4. Chris’s right eye has turned devilish red.
  5. Nick is missing his thumb. Not good for a bassist.
  6. Nick is missing his sideburn.
  7. Nick is wearing a mini Flavor Flav clock.
  8. Nick’s shirt button is now pink.
  9. Nas’s patch is now just ’9′.
  10. Nas is wearing nail polish on his thumb.
  11. Nas is missing the third button on his shirt.
  12. The chair Nas is sitting in is missing a bolt on the upright part.
  13. Jenée’s necklace is now gone.
  14. Jenée is missing her bracelet.
  15. The handle on Jenée’s boot is missing.
  16. George is missing his 2nd and 4th button.
  17. George is wearing a gold chain.
  18. George now has an earring.
  19. Travis’s boot is now black.
  20. Travis is missing the bottom button on his shirt.
  21. Travis is holding a mini Travis, staring back at him, quietly judging.
  22. Travis is missing his star tattoo on his forearm.
  23. Animal (the Muppet) is now on Travis’s knee.
  24. Bottom of table missing left leg.
  25. Our band van is on the chair’s leg.
  26. Clock is now reading 9:15.
  27. Clock is missing leg.
  28. Record now has no label on it.
  29. Record player handle is now green.
  30. A panel on the lamp changed from green to white.
  31. The tallest flower changed from yellow to red.
  32. There’s a Gremlin on Nick’s shoulder.
  33. There’s a penguin in the curtain.
  34. The plant in right side pot is now missing.

Photo Contest

May 14, 2014

To celebrate the glory of sunshine and the great outdoors, it’s time for another stay-inside-and-stare-at-your-screen photo contest. In true US Weekly style, spot the differences between the two photos and email them to us at  The person who gets the most right answers in the shortest amount of time claims victory.  And their choice of:

  • Our soon-to-be-released Live at the Armory album; or
  • If you’re in the Boston area or like road trips, two free tickets to this Friday’s Harpoonfest, where we’ll be headlining.
Get crackin, because nothing says springtime like procrastination in front of a  screen. Just disregard that bright yellow thing peeking through the windows.

Click on the picture for a bigger version…
Photo Contest


May 3, 2014

Thrilled that Nike is using our tune ‘down’ for their post-marathon Challenged Athletes Foundation campaign on Instagram. And thrilled to be #strongereveryrun.

Bruce Attempt

Apr 23, 2014

We won’t soon forget our live tapings at the Armory last week, and not just because Naseem got to do his best Springsteen album cover imitation.  Thanks to Allison for the pic, and revealing the true intentions here…

The live EP will be out before you know it. And then you’ll know it. Stay tuned…

by Allison Evans


Apr 21, 2014

Our two night recording session at the Armory was magical, and not just because the 50 of you in attendance each night sounded like 500. You’ll all be hearing the results soon enough…

Naseem shout- 4.15.14

Second Show Added

Mar 14, 2014

We were overwhelmed with how many of you wanted to come to our intimate, cozy, in-your-face taping at Armory Sound. So we added a second night: Tuesday, April 15.  Space is very limited so RSVP to (with “Armory” in the subject line) as soon as possible!

These nights will be fantastic.

4.15.14- Live Taping 11x17


Live Taping

Mar 13, 2014

Very excited to announce that we’re recording a live EP in an intimate room in Somerville, MA and we want you to be a part of it.

We’ve been quiet these past few months, retreating into dark places and writing tons of new tunes.  We’re emerging from our cave and recording this live EP to bring our existing songs to life in a live setting, and will also be trying out new tunes only for the attendees; they won’t be on the EP. In other words, this will be a special show.

And it’s free. It takes place on Wednesday, April 16 at Armory Sound in Somerville, and there are only 40 spots. This is a very cool space, as it used to be Hi-N-Dry, the headquarters of the amazing band Morphine.

To reserve your spot, RSVP to and put ‘Armory’ in the subject line.  The first 40 people to RSVP are in.

This will be a blast.

4.16.14- Live Taping 11x17


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