Another Other

Oct 14, 2016

Finally. After all this time, we’re very proud to release Another Other, our third full-length album. These thirteen songs represent a whole lot of evolution for us – as musicians, as songwriters, and as people – and we hope you like it. iTunes (digital) Kingsley Flood store (CDs)

A Ways Away

Oct 11, 2016

New week, new album, NEW SONG. Click here for ‘A Ways Away,’ a piano-driven drunken mess of a song. Impose describes it painting a picture “of a world that might be screwed—but still far from being totally devoid of hope & happiness.” We’ll see.

Myspace? Myspace!

Oct 05, 2016

NEW SONG. Time for something new. That’s why we’re sending you to Myspace. Yes people, it’s now actually a great music blog, and it’s premiering our title track, “Another Other.” They’re saying “it’s much more than just a boisterous barroom rocker.” In other words, there’s a story behind this one too and a very cool revelation…

New Video

Sep 28, 2016

IT’S HERE. Very excited that Glide Magazine is premiering “to the wolves,” the first video off our new album, in which we get kidnapped while just minding our own business and playing a tune (seriously, wtf). Check out the link for the story behind the song, and to watch the video of course. AND if…

A New Song

Sep 09, 2016

Very pleased to share ‘Try,’ off our new album. We’re proud of this one. Head over to The Bluegrass Situation to check it out, and happy friday. #AnotherOther