June 6

Apr 11, 2018

Big news. The new album is called Neighbors and Strangers. And it comes out June 6. And here is the album art. And this is our best album yet.

Winter Walk

Jan 26, 2018

Here’s a thing that I do: I watch the news, I get all bummed out feeling so small and helpless, and then either (a) eat ice cream (usually Cherry Garcia) or (b) stop whining and try to do something I actually CAN influence. Our great friend and Battles album producer, Sam Kassirer, is a champion…


Dec 16, 2017

Sometimes, at night, when the band is in Boston and I’m in DC, I have a drink or three and record Tom Waits songs. They are bleak and spooky and perfect for our times. Here’s one of my favorites, “Green Grass.” Come get bleak with me.  

A Question

Dec 01, 2017

I have a question. Many of our songs touch on income inequality and its effects. The fundamental problem I’ve been pretty obsessed with — and that seems to be getting worse — is this: people try their hardest and are still held back. I am genuinely concerned and curious about the tax reform bill that’s…

Half Off!

Nov 29, 2017

Okay I’ve posted this picture before, but I have good reason now: this vinyl is only $12.50 in our online store. We’re trying to be able to afford studiotime for our next album, so we’re scoffing at common business practices and marking everything half-off in our online store through the holidays. Shirts, hats, vinyl, etc….