May 22, 2018

New show! North Shore! Cool venue! Great bands! Okay enough exclamation points. This will be a great, early summer show at a cool venue in Salem, along with Jenee Halstead and The Rationales. We are really excited to be playing songs off our new album, and the live show really feels like it’s working. Come…

Three New Songs

May 18, 2018

NEW SONG(S) ALERT. We are thrilled that the excellent Vanyaland is premiering three (!) songs off of Neighbors and Strangers ahead of our hometown show tomorrow night at ONCE Somerville. There’s a slower tune, a faster tune, and a punch-yourself-in-the-face tune. Try to guess which one’s which.


Dec 14, 2016

Sending out more Pledge exclusives. This is getting a little ridiculous.


Dec 02, 2016

So there was this wolf hanging out behind us recently at The Sinclair… (photo by Alicia O’Connell)


Nov 29, 2016

And sometimes we let the drummer sing… Our DC show a little while ago was such a freakin blast. Chunky Glasses was there to document it with some fantastic photos and a show review, using words like “absolutely snarling.” If you were there or if you weren’t, this is fun.