Mississippi Men

Jan 28, 2015

After this snow, and ahead of Friday’s big hometown release show at The Sinclair, we’ll be watching the History Channel tonight. It’s been running promos for the new show Mississippi Men, featuring our song “Waiting on the River to Rise.” We’re thrilled that the show even seems to cover themes raised in the song. The…


Jan 27, 2015

Staying warm on this snowmaggedonacolypse by stealing nephew’s guitar and sending out  PledgeMusic Campaign updates. To learn more about the year-long campaign, check out this big article in the Boston Herald about it.  “Only Kingsley Flood can sound like the Beatles, Clash and Johnny Cash’s backing band in a single song.”

Contest Answers

Jan 26, 2015

Behold, all 33 correct answers to our US Weekly-ish photo comparison contest.  Note that yes, Nick has an Iron Man hand, and yes, that is Eddie Murphy from Coming to America in the tree. From left to right Nick: zipper is purple Nick: iron glove Nick: undershirt is now pink Nick: missing his right sideburn…


Jan 24, 2015

Our biggest hometown show ever is coming up in only five days, on Friday, January 30 at the Sinclair in Cambridge, MA.  We’re not kidding when we’re saying tickets are going fast, especially this week. Get them while you still can, here.  And here’s another way you can get them: photo contest.  Yes, once again…