The Kennedy Center

The world is crap right now and it’s sometimes hard (for me at least) to stay focused on what’s right in front of me, and getting up on stage – in a beautiful venue to boot – is a nice reminder of how awesome things can be.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that we’re starting 2024 off right by playing at the Kennedy Center on January 20. Y’know, that huge place in Washington, DC where they honor all those fancy people and talk about mobile homes full of snakes. So, we’re not in one of those huge halls, rather a huge hallWAY, where the Millenium Stage is (you can see how awesome it looks, and watch a ton of performances here).

Snakes aside, this is exciting for other reasons: it’s an all-ages show, and it’s early. In other words, bring the kids. Oh, and it’s free!
If you’re in the DC area, we’d love to see you there. If you’re not, we’d love to see you online, where they’ll be streaming it. Snakes be damned.


KF at the KC