Today and next week, we’re announcing a couple big changes. No, not breaking up or anything. But here’s Change 1: for those of you who have seen us lately, you’ve noticed a different drummer. That’s Benjamin M Grotto, who produced our latest album Neighbors & Strangers, and who is an awesome dude and awesome drummer (and who does amazing work at Mad Oak Studios).

The reason Benny is playing with us: after so many years, Travis is relinquishing his duties as our drummer to focus on, well, Travis. He’s got a bum arm that’s been killing him for a long time and of course he never complained about it. And he just needs some Trav time.

We offer up all the feelings in our newsletter going out today, and Travis offers up his own words as well. Sign up at our site if you want to read those. And if not, well you can just enjoy this nice little photo collage, which doesn’t even come close to capturing all of the memories and all of the feels. And, after so many years, one post doesn’t even come close to expressing our love and thanks. But if we did more than that, Travis would probably slap us in the mouth.

5.31.19- Travis collage