No matter what kind of genre we may or may not be, Bowie was a huge influence. Particularly on Chris, who took some time to write down some thoughts…

We are all reeling at the loss of an icon, a giant, a unique soul who’s like we will surely never see again….  And the thing about Bowie was/is, as great as his greatest music was, we are almost more thankful when he put out something we didn’t like or found confounding, because he was always pushing, always exploring, even when he was resting on his laurels a bit (and really, who deserved to rest on his laurels more?) he was fearless when it came to trying something new.   Even after he found massive commerical success.

But even more than that, reading some of the multitude of tributes, he appears to have been a gracious and generous soul to the end.

It’s an accepted rite of the times that we mourn the loss of famous people we never met – we were all sad at the loss of say Philip Seymour Hoffman for example, for both the man but also for ourselves at the roles we’ll never get to see him play now.

But with David Bowie it’s something even more:  Carrie Brownstein maybe put it best in her tweet about the thin white duke:  It feels like we lost something elemental, as if an entire color is gone. #DavidBowie